Why do old people always win the lottery?

They are just gonna die in about a week anyway!! Why cant some college kid win it (like me) and pay off all his student loans and such

grrrrr >:/


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16 comments on “Why do old people always win the lottery?
  1. Dana says:

    hell yes

  2. pyt20 suspended! HoHoHo says:

    i know its either old people…
    or people who are already financially well off…

    u never see poor people or students winning the lotto.

  3. towelie says:

    its rig.

  4. Kaley babyy ♥ says:

    karma. they must have years of good works unlike the lazy generation of today.

  5. Ms. Thickness says:

    lol i kno right

  6. Melissa L says:

    not true… i’m in NYC and all of the big lottery winners were between the ages of 25-50

  7. Death The Kid says:

    They can’t work anymore,their too weak..

  8. John M has dsleyixa says:

    They just LOOK old. They are college kids who realize that relatives they never knew they had will be crawling out of the woodwork like roaches….

  9. banana milkshake® says:

    because life is unfair, my friend, life is unfair.

  10. Dan S says:

    I have always wondered myself.

  11. Norman O says:

    And just where do you get your facts from? The lottery is Random.

  12. Sarah says:

    Mostly old people play the lotto. Ergo.

  13. hsB!tch says:

    fukc yeah! that sucks

  14. -MFCRVM- says:

    that is so true… the really young never win why?… u never see somebody who bought their first ticket win… u gotta spend yer whole life buyn them to have a chance… its fixed i say!

    happy holidays!

  15. Um says:

    Because money is old

  16. JoJo says:

    i dont know and it pisses me off i could use the money alot more than some old person, but if would ever win i would share with you and i would expect you to do the same with me.lol

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