The Great Khali is Dead

The Great Khali is Dead.

The Great Khali is Dead.
Yesterday was a truly sad day as Dalip Singh, a.k.a. The Great Khali, passed away. His wrestling matches will go down in history as some of the most action-packed, intense, breathtaking matches in all of wrestling history. He will truly be missed. When experts examined his body, they determined the cause of his death to be a lack of oxygen. It turns out that as one goes higher up in elevation, the air gets thinner and one is able to inhale much less oxygen. After a near lifetime of being exposed to the harsh Everest-like air above, Khali said in his death bed that he just didn’t have the spirit to resist anymore. Literally suffocating every time he stands up due to extreme hypoxia, Vince claimed that the man made a good choice and that he’s proud of his accomplishments.

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