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I’m thinking about buying a gaming PC, but don’t know ANYTHING about specs?

I usually just buy a gaming console (I have a 360 and a PS3 right now), but they have their limits in graphics and stuff… Plus PC games just have more variety in games. The games I plan to play are Oblivion, Crysis, and those games that need high end PCs. So I don’t know ANYTHING about specs and graphic cards and all that stuff… Is there a site I can go that will tell me EVERYTHING about this stuff? Any tips on how I should get started?

P.S. – I don’t plan to get someone else to build one for me.

Display Myths Shattered: How Monitor Companies Cook Their Specs [Displays]

Display Myths Shattered: How Monitor Companies Cook Their Specs [Displays]
# displays Take everything you think you know about displays and throw it out the window. It’s time for a clinic on what display specs really mean-brace yourself for the alarming truth More »

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I have a computer that does not run pc games smoothly, can you read specs and give me some tips?

I have a dell E521. It has a 3600+ amd dual core, 2 gigs of ram, a 8600 GTS 256 MB video card, and a ocz 600 watt stealth power supply, and with every upgrade, I barely get an increase in fluidness and frame rate for E.S. Oblivion. Why is it I have all these great components, and I still notice the screen jumping frames when a lot is going on? I feel like it should run smoother than silk at this point, or is oblivion just a ridiculously demanding game?

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3s slims down, retains its old specs sheet

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3s slims down, retains its old specs sheet
What’s this? A Lenovo product that hasn’t been leaked before its official announcement? Truth is that’s the biggest surprise we’ve got for you here, considering the updates to this S10-3s are fairly minimal — but hey, if you’ve always thought previous Lenovo netbooks were too plus-size, we guess there’s reason to get excited. While the S10-3 that was introduced at CES is an inch thick, the S10 …

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Please Help Me With Pc Specs?

What Specs Would I Need – For A Computer That I Will Be Using For A Few Weather Station Software And Internet?
And A Semi Fast Pc –

what do i need and to add?

would a ”wireless card” do the trick to get to to connect to my wireless router?

cheers ;]
I have not added anything to the cart in the link..