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A question on Microsoft. Which console do you support?

Is it true Microsoft don’t fix their products because it’s cheaper for them to tell you it’s fixed?
Is it true that Microsoft copy everything from Sony and Nintendo because it’s cheaper for them to not think of it themselves?
Is it true Mixrosoft entered the console war to stop Sony making PCs non-existent by having everyone buy their systems for the living room instead of have their videos/music/photos all on their PC?
I heard microsoft turnover 24 billion a year. 11 of which is profit.
Sony turnover 64 billion a year. 1 billion of which is profit.
Windows is faulty…. Xbox 360 breaks… and they’re making that much a year? why are they?
I’ll tell you why. They blind us by the fact we think their products are fixed. They don’t want to put the money into fixing them because it’s cheaper to blind us. Heartless company that they are.
Thats whats really upset me about this console war, not the fact xbox 360 is better. i know my PS3 is far superior to it. But!!! i’m upset by how much people appreciate microsoft and support them by arguing the 360 is better. i’m not trying to start a riot but more trying to open your eyes to the truth. you’re being blinded by that crappy company and falling for their cheap tricks.
The decency in this console war is Sony and Nintendo of whom care about the consumer.
That’s why microsoft charge you for online, their consoles might not be much but hey, when everyones paying 4 quid a month they’re profiting. Sony’s however, is free. Oh!!! and Nintendos!!!
wheres the pattern here? i’ll let you decide.
which console do you really support you Xbots that so blatently support this company.
Thankyou for reading this, i would much appreciate your views on the matter below
lmao 10x better? nah, it’s just better in your mind by being blinded into thinking you getting better servers because you’re paying for it. PSN is perfect, i can go to the shop and buy a ps3 game then jump straight online no extra fees. do i want sky on my ps3? not really since my sky box is sitting next to it, facebook and twitter? ps3 has a free web browser i can do my banking on there if i like. so whats this 10x better thing you were talking about? lol BLINDED.

Nokia hookup with Microsoft promising

Nokia hookup with Microsoft promising
I bought my first smart phone back in 2003 and it was a Nokia 3650. The model number may not mean much to you, but longtime cell phone junkies and geeks would instantly recognize its white, circular number pad and elongated shape. The 3650 ran Symbian, which at the time was one of the best smart phone operating systems available.

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