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Orange UK launches home broadband marketing campaign

Orange UK launches home broadband marketing campaign
(Telecompaper) Orange UK has launched a new marketing campaign to raise awareness of its home broadband plans. The ‘No Tricks Just Treats’ campaign has been created to highlight the concerns of customers and compare them to the transparent pricing of Orange home broadband. This is the first major marketing campaign led by Sylvain Thevenot, Broadband Marketing Director, as the operator renews its …

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How do I connect to a linksys Internet wireless broadband modem designed for windows with ubuntu 6.06 LTS?

I have an Acer and was running windows xp when I stumbled upon some old(er) ubuntu startup disks in the attic and decided to try it out. The problem is I don’t know how to connect to it and since I can’t connect to the Internet I can’t download samba. Help?

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Computer acting slow after sky broadband installation. Any tips?

My Computer has been running very slow ever since I switched to Sky Broadband. With it, I installed the router and got MacAffee security installed. But now it’s acting very slowly, slower than normal. The Internet is fine once my desktop has loaded up properly but loading up the desktop seems to take forever.

Also we just got a new monitor and now thats seems to have made the pc slower than ever though I can’t see why.

Any tips?

Free Laptops With Mobile Broadband: Are They Ever A Good Deal?

Ever since the Carphone Warehouse started giving away free laptops with their home broadband (back in the days when companies were worried that consumers would never switch from dial-up internet access) companies have used free computers to entice new customers to use their services.

Since those first offers home broadband providers have moved away from this marketing trick.

However, there are now a wealth of broadband deals from mobile broadband providers offering the same thing.

There is much talk that free laptops with mobile broadband are never a good deal. They’re certainly not always a good broadband deals and they’ve never completely completely free but it’s a falsehood that they’re always bad for three reasons.

First, many people who protest that ‘free’ laptops are not free at all fail to take into account the cost of a mobile broadband contract. These often cost as much as £5-7 for 1GB of data a month.

By buying mobile broadband in a bundle with a laptop consumers can often make significant savings on these costs overall.

For example, any decent Samsung R530 review would point out that it’s actually around £150 cheaper to get the laptop in a mobile broadband deal than to buy the laptop and mobile broadband as separate products.

Second, mobile broadband with free laptop deals allow consumers to spread the cost of a large purchase in a much more effective way than borrowing the money and having to pay it back.

If the alternative to the lump-sum payment of buying a laptop is borrowing a high interest rate then a free laptop deal is a much better idea.

Of course, the ideal would be to do neither and save up the money so a free laptop deal is really more of a halfway house.

The third reason, is exclusive deals. Sometime broadband companies that do free laptop deals get hold of computers that no other company is stocking.

Free laptop deals are therefore sometimes the only way to pick up a laptop which could be the best for deal for the consumer.

The Asus 100HGO netbook is a good recent example of this trend. It’s currently only available from Orange.

These examples show that although the free laptop is as elusive as the free lunch it certainly does exist and offers a good deal for many consumers.

Unfortunately, the high costs of many laptop deals – coupled with poor customer support – have given them a bad reputation in the past, one which is not entirely unjustified even to this day.

Broadband TV on Pc – How Satellite Broadcasts are Compressed and Streamed (2)

Richer also stressed that for each over-the-air channel has a bandwidth of 6 megahertz, which can handle a maximum bit-per-second throughput (also known as “payload”) of 19.3 Mbps. But since each broadcaster only needs to provide a 480i digital signal, which typically demands 4 to 6 Mbps that leaves plenty of space for other sub channels on the same channel’s bandwidth.

Even high-definition channels (which take up anywhere from 12 Mbps for a good-quality 720p broadcast to at least 15 Mbps for 1080i) should have enough leftover data space to broadcast a quality standard-definition sub channel.

For the future, the cable and satellite industries have a few tricks up their sleeves which include some advance mathematical multiplexing in implementing what today is been slogan as bandwidth economics. This arrangement is basically set up to free up some extra bandwidth for more HI-DEF programming. Most Satellite companies are already moving to the more efficient MPEG-4 AVC standard and cost effective codecs that compressed better, which allows for more HI-DEF channels.

The cable industry though not proactive as its digital satellite stakeholders is moving more slowly to new compression standards and also hopes to phase out a lot of the analog channels that are presently clogging up a large amount of its bandwidth.

This apparent position puts them in a parallel situation to the numerous broadcasters that are now dealing with this challenge because of the digital television conversion. Many customers with older, non-HI-DEF TVs will require new set-top boxes to view content. Alas, the only other option is to keep on squeezing that signal which makes tilling inevitable.

This allowance in the transmissions exercises by broadcasters with the aid of these emerging compression technologies still gives the average computer user the edge of enjoying quality picture delivery considering that the common computer media player can easily download any of the Codecs to enjoy internet television viewing. This is because many media player has its buffer and cache at times the graphics card comes with its own memory to reduce the much effect of tilling in the broadcast.

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Charge less for broadband, Rais urges telcos

Charge less for broadband, Rais urges telcos
CYBERJAYA, July 13 — The Information Communication and Culture Ministry has called on telecommunication companies to impose minimal charges to encourage people to subscribe to broadband facilities and help achieve the 50 per cent broadband penetration by the year end. Its minister, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, said that as of July 7, the penetration …

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