Microsoft and Me

At times I reminisce the day when my friend Akbarjit asked me, Where most of the books written? Indeed it was a witty question, alike those he always used to ask! Not knowing the answer I innocently answered, STUDY ROOM. Remarking sarcastically he spoke, its MS WORD, u dumb head. His joke that day made me think bottomless about MS WORD from where I went thinking to MICROSOFT – THE SOFT DADDY.

Gosh! What would I have been without MICROSOFT, damn! I was in a firm belief that, Microsoft is me. All this companionship started way past when I passed my examination of Grade – 1 with excellence and my father got me a “WINDOWS 98” desktop computer, this event of March, 2001 seems to me memory of yesterday! But these 14 years of association with Microsoft got increased with my increasing age. I also do remember the day when my PC was updated and I got the “WINDOWS XP” that was the moment of pride for me, as none of my mates had that software and I used to feel like the special one, my mates used to visit my home just to play games on my, yea mine windows xp computer. It’s a truth that the Microsoft Windows is really a product which functions as its name, it’s a window to the outer world, it shows me what’s there in the outer world. It connects me. It empowers me.

It’s a lot what Microsoft has given me, not forgetting the SYNC system in my car, the reason for my safe drive – ALWAYS, but now I can’t make excuse of driving to my girlfriend for not picking up the phone. Oh! I was about to forget my aunt called yesterday and just the phone got disconnected, my mother wanted to call but due to their money-saving minds could not allow themselves to place an international which is way too expensive in INDIA, my brain just hit a master stroke – SKYPE, the free caller, the free international caller. I was happy of many reasons one of which was that I am so very much connected to my near and dear ones even if they are sitting on the other side of the world. That day I saw my mother very much happy as she had seen her sister after years. So that was both emotionally as well as economically profitable for me. The fact is that I did saved a lot that day but it is also a commendable point that I got what I wanted and that too again from MICROSOFT.

At times I feel proud and also laugh upon the thought that the company in which a normal person wishes to work, is always on toes for me. Sometimes I feel myself in a magical world, where Microsoft is working for me and caring me around the clock providing me the comfort whenever demanded by me, at the oddest hours of the day also, viz. if I am lost I have BING MAPS, on the contrary if I can’t find anything I have the BING! THE BING, where everything is available. Man! I believe that soon BING will search over my lost t-shirts also, all this and much more only with the Microsoft Internet Explorer, my gateway to the world, my gateway to success.

Now the Question arises what I can plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?
Here’s my answer As a Microsoft Student Associate I will organize various seminars in my college regarding different products of Microsoft so that the ones who are unaware can get to know about them and others who know, can use them efficiently to get better output.
Moreover as a Microsoft Student Associate I will get the privilege to collect inputs from students regarding different Microsoft products and thus helping Microsoft in improving them.
Furthermore I can also organize various workshops in my college which will help the students to learn various things like Windows Application or Game development.

In the End I will just say that working these years along with Microsoft seems to have been a mesmerising experience for me, Really! Microsoft is my partner since childhood, it was with me in my school projects, in my international calls, in my computer, in my gaming console and now in my car also. Years along my life could never see the friendship of Microsoft with me. It helped me to evolve with it, it helped me to get educated step by step, it helped me to be what I am today and this is my counterpart, MY MICROSOFT. I can’t believe a single day of my life today without Microsoft.

That’s true,
That’s life,
That’s world,
That’s what I call innovation,
That’s what I call success,
That’s what I call MICROSOFT – MY PARTNER, ever and forever.

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