Is it safe to give your paypal ID when somebody asked for it?

I placed an order online, and somebody in the shop emailed me and even called me for verification on paypal and asking for paypal ID.
My paypal transaction is already complete and verified and the payment for the goods are receipt already and verified. but why do they keep asking for my paypal id? they will not deliver the goods because I did not give them my paypal id.

One thought on “Is it safe to give your paypal ID when somebody asked for it?

  1. Yes it is completely safe to give out your paypal ID – I have a website with my paypal ID listed so people can send me money easily.

    The seller could potentially have 1000 or more paypal payments listed in their account – by giving the seller your paypal ID he can check through his account and find your payment.

    An alternative would be to give the seller the paypal transaction ID which is the record of the specific transaction.

    Do not give away your password however.

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