How much is my 50 cent, John F Kennedy coin worth?

I’m a coin collector and I just found four 50 cent Kennedy coins. I haven’t washed them or polished them, just in case. How much is it worth? Oh and while I’m at it, I have 3 different $1 american coins. How much are they worth too? And I didn’t wash them or polish them too.

3 thoughts on “How much is my 50 cent, John F Kennedy coin worth?

  1. Well, unfortunately, unless they are really old, they are worth, in america, $5 total. Each one is probably worth what it says, because their are actually quite a bit of them. I have a small coin collection, and my oldest one is from 1916, but my brother has one from the 1860s.

    I will say though, that you could get, maybe, a little over $1 a piece for each one if you sold them to the right person, but I’m not quite sure.

  2. still worth the same amount… I think… but if you wait some more years… they’ll be worth more, trust me. that’s what I’m doing with my 50 cent JFK coin, my Susan B. Anthony coins, and my Sacajawea coins.

  3. The year and condition determine value as well as denomination and country. Kennedy half dollars from 1964 until 1970 contain some silver.

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