How can I get Rome Total War to Run better on a laptop?

I have a Vista based laptop and i’m running RTW on low settings well enough to play with up to 2500 units with nearly no lag. I want to up this number. Will RAM do the trick?

Intel core 2 duo t5020(1.5GHz, 667MhzFSB, 2mb L2 Cache)
252mb Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (factory)


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  1. honestly, in my experience vista gaming is very priority intensive. it seems the best bet is to get some more ram or trying running windows 7 or xp instead, 7 is in beta and free to use until june of 2010. xp runs everything a little more native, something about those solid drivers.

  2. More Ram for sure…. upgrading the video card may not be possible. Its hard to upgrade a laptop. They arent usually made to be upgraded. Many allow you to upgrade the RAM though. Do that first. 1BG of Ram is not very much.

    Especially in a Vista laptop… 1GB of RAM is not very much. The Vista operating system takes almost 1GB to run itself efficently. Your game doesnt have enough RAM (Working memory) to run properly. Thats why I always recommended a Vista computer with at least 3GB of RAM.

    By the way, Windows 7 operating system is going to require more RAM than Vista. Its going to be a more powerful operating system so dont follow the above idea.

    If you were talking about a desktop computer I would say upgrade the video card with a card that has dedicated video memory built in the card. With that said you would probably have to upgrade the power supply and cooling fan also because bigger video cards require more power and give off a lot more heat.

    Basically if you can upgrade your RAM to 3 or 4 GB than that should correct your problem. Well at least enough to enjoy the game.

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  3. You may need to reinstall the game, if your game is an online game you may need to “clear” out your browsing history by pressing tools on the right hand corner of your internet explorer and delete browsing history then do a scan on your computer just to make sure your computer doesn’t have too much going on. And of course the problem could be your game is not compatible with Vista?

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