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Best PowerBank in Budget

With the increase in use of smartphones, tablets and various electronics gadgets demand for more battery backup is also increased. But the battery backup from all companies who make these gadgets is limited. So need of power bank is their. So what basically a Power bank is “Power bank serve as an ‘extra battery’ or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices which provides you the facility to charge your phone on the go”.
After Searching many power banks I found the “iHave ia1310 Boss 10000mAH Power Bank” the best one.

The most obvious reason for my this conclusion is that I have been using this power bank from past 2 months and this is working absolutely fine and also the following protection features which were the main reason why I bought this power bank.

It provides Multiple Protections:-

  • Short-circuit protection
    It will automatically provide protection for main board and battery cell when there is abnormal short-circuit.
  • Input overvoltage protection
    The process of OVP circuit prevents overvoltage to protect the circuit.
  • Over current protection
    The output current can be intelligently detected, when the output current is over limitation, it will be automatically off to protect device.
  • Overcharging and over discharging protection
    The increased protective device can effectively protect Boss against overcharging and over discharging.
  • Resetting protection
    If any unstable situation influences the normal use of Boss, just charge Boss and then it can be normally used.
  • Reverse charging protection
    When one data cable connects input and output interface, the circuit will automatically break off to protect device.
  • Output overvoltage protection
    The output voltage can be intelligently real-time detected, when the output voltage is over limitation, it will be automatically off to protect device.

PTU Final Datesheet for April 2014 Exams

First of all Best Of Luck To All Who are giving 4th Sem. Exams and Various other exams this Year. I have made a Date sheet for my Friends Specially for My CSE Friends studying in PTU.


Final_date_sheet _for_examination_April-14


As I am also a Student of CSE 4th Sem., so I have made this date sheet. For Full Date Sheet Click Here >> Final_date_sheet for examination April-14 as on 07-04-14


CBSE 12th Board Exam 2012 Date Sheet
CBSE 12th Board Exam 2012 Date Sheet

First of all Best Of Luck To All Who are giving Board Exams and Various other exams this Year.  Yesterday CBSE has Announced that  12th Board Exam Will Start From 1st March and will end on 13 April. So I have made a Date sheet for my Friends Specially My Non-Medical Friends…

As I am also a Non Medical Student, so I have made this date sheet. For Full Date Sheet Click Here >>Date Sheet 2012 CBSE

Two Lakh Facebook Accounts From Bangalore Hacked, Profile Pics Put On Porn Sites

Facebook Accounts Hacked

Bangalore: Over two lakh city Facebook users woke up to a social media embarrassment yesterday morning as their accounts had been hacked and weblinks to their morphed pornographic pictures sent as feeds to friends and family.

According to global media reports, more than 60 lakh Facebook accounts were hacked since Sunday night. Social networking analysts have claimed that officially more than 2 lakh Bangalore Facebook accounts were hacked.

The cybercrime department has received many calls and complaints regarding the mass hacking. They have started preliminary investigations in a few cases too.

All Porn and gore
A resident of Koramangala logged on to her Facebook account yesterday morning from a cyber cafe, only to get the shock of her life. “My mother, brother and 19 friends of mine had rebuked me after reading my status message.

It had a link to a website, and on clicking I saw my face morphed and pasted onto the body of a porn star. My name and details were also available on the website. I called the police, but they directed me to the cybercrime police station,” said Kamini Varma (name changed).

Kamini’s last post said that she was quitting the popular social networking site after being embarrassed amongst their friends. There were around 50 other posts on Facebook that stated the users are quitting the social networking site forever after being embarrassed before friends and family.

“The website is no longer safe. My friend had posted a link to a news report claiming to have been published in a popular newspaper on my page on Sunday. Since the title said ‘Party till the wee hours’ I got excited and clicked on it but nothing appeared. The next day I logged on to find that everything had changed.

My female friends alleged that I had stolen photos from their account and sold it to porn sites. Others had called me a ‘porn addict’ and many others left abusive messages. I immediately deactivated my account,” said Shivam Shah, student (name changed).

Following this huge incident, many social media experts huddled up and debated if this would lead to the eventual downfall of Facebook now.

“Orkut fell in the same fashion. As much as Orkut officials claimed that Facebook had beaten it in popularity, many reports nail the fact that consistent hacking on the social networking site for over six months (before Facebook became popular) had led to its immediate downfall and eventual social death.

Facebook seems to be headed in the same direction, unless there is some sort of immediate and strict measures taken by Facebook,” said Suhas Giri, a city-based popular social media expert.

Meanwhile, Facebook put up a set of guidelines for users who had either been hacked, or heard of such incidents. The official Facebook Security blog post said, “Security and safety are at the core of Facebook.

We have entire teams dedicated to building tools that give people even more control over their account, and specifically the way they access their information. In fact, many of our most talented engineers are working exclusively on creating a secure environment on Facebook.”

Analysts further asserted that in spite of such incidents, users seldom bother taking the security measures seriously, until being personally victimised.

Thousands of users like Kamini and Shivam have decided to shun the habit of talking wall-to- wall and return to the good-old practice of talking to people face-to-face.

Top 3 spam links that helped hack accounts

‘Bangalore police: Party till the wee hours, 11.30 PM ban lifted’. Clicking on this link leads you to a page with a photo of a popular pub in town, with a caption questioning the user ‘You really think this could happen?’ After clicking on the link, the user’s account is hacked and sends out a series of unstoppable torrents of XXX porn to all of the user’s friends. Over 12,000 Bangaloreans reportedly fell for this spam.

‘Date a stripper in Bangalore’. Clicking on this link automatically transfers all the photos from the user’s account and posts them on a porn website. The link to this porn website is then set as the user’s FB status message and posted on newsfeeds of all the user’s friends. Over 500 Bangaloreans fell for this spam.

Popular Sandalwood actress raped and murdered Social media analysts suspect that this was a prank link created by a small group of users, following the fad of series of spam links posted through the course of the day. The link leads a user to various soft porn videos from South Indian movies, posted on Over 2,500 Bangaloreans fell for this spam.

Article By NDTV NEWS